RCEL leads leadership training at Fort Benning in Georgia

In January, RCEL Executive Director Kaz Karwowski and David Van Kleeck, Professor in the Practice of Engineering Leadership, traveled to the US Army’s Fort Benning near Columbus, Georgia to conduct a leadership training for soldiers and staff at Martin Army Community Hospital. More than 50 participants attended the two-day workshop.

While on the base, Karwowski and Van Kleeck visited the parachute training jump towers that are used by the United States Army Airborne School there. Van Kleeck earned his parachute jump wings there over 40 years ago.

"I learned something new  every day in that training session.  It may not have been big "lightbulb" 
moments but all of the little "A Ha" moments added up.  I have already used some of the information in my daily duties and have found it very beneficial.  I would love to have these two gentlemen come back and provide training for us again.  Their knowledge and expertise, not only in leadership but also in the military, made it even better."

- Jana Danley, RNC, Head Nurse, Women's Health Clinic

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