How to Declare the Certificate in Engineering Leadership

To declare the RCEL Certificate in Engineering Leadership:

  1. Login to ESTHER.
  2. Print an unofficial transcript.
  3. Go to Student Services & Account Information > Degrees, Majors, and Minors Declared > UG Declaration and Change of Major (or Minor or University Certificate) Form.
  4. Print and fill out the form. Note: You must submit a separate form for EACH major (or minor or university certificate) you are adding or dropping.
  5. Take the completed form and transcript to the appropriate department for approval. Have the advisor and/or department chair for the major/minor/university certificate sign the UG Declaration and Change of Major (or Minor or University Certificate) Form.
  6. If the form cannot be signed immediately by the major (or minor or university certificate) advisor and/or department chair, leave it with the department for signature and pick it up when complete.  Please Note:  We discourage students from leaving their forms with the department to be forwarded to our office, especially during the deadline period.  
  7. Return the completed form in person to the Office of the Registrar.

- More information here: Majors, Minors and University Certificates | Office of the Registrar