RCEL Develops Leaders in Technology

The difference between a “really smart” engineer and a “leading engineer” is the ability to create and communicate a shared vision, to build a high performing team, to develop and execute shared plans and projects, and to create innovations that endure. These capabilities are not usually taught in traditional engineering courses.  

If you have dreams of making a difference, and are motivated to learn the skills needed to do so, then the Certificate in Engineering Leadership program for you. 

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What students say…

As soon as I started taking classes, I knew that RCEL was something I needed. Because of my work in RCEL, I know how to express my ideas, communicate, manage conflict, persuade others, and manage followership – all of these skills were put into practice during my internship and other projects. I thrived in my internship because I was extremely prepared. RCEL has changed my life.  It has given me mentors, friends, experiences, skills, and confidence.  RCEL has prepared me for my future.
David Smith '16Mechanical Engineering

What is the RCEL Certificate in Engineering Leadership?

The RCEL Engineering Leadership Certificate is an accredited academic credential aimed at preparing students for their first leadership role after graduation. The multi-year certificate program comprises a series of courses, labs, and RCEL-specific learning experiences that supplement the core curriculum of the School of Engineering. The RCEL Certificate Program allows students to learn fundamentals of engineering leadership, practice their leadership skills while participating in engineering-based hands-on activities, give and receive coaching, and critically reflect on their leadership experiences through a series of structured self-assessments. Read more about the Certificate and the requirements here.

Upon completion of the Certificate’s requirements, students receive formal recognition on their transcript and a certificate provided by Rice University’s Registrar.  Learn more about the Certificate.

What are the requirements to complete the Certificate?

The RCEL Certificate in Engineering Leadership is comprised of 10 credit hours completed over your four year undergraduate career at Rice.  Courses range from 1 to 3 credit hours and scheduling is flexible (though there is a recommended pathway through the program).  RCEL students are also required to complete an internship of their choosing, as well as a final presentation describing their leadership development throughout the program.  A complete list of requirements, as well as listing of required courses, can be found.

I’m in. What do I do now?

The first step is easy - complete the RCEL Certificate Program Application.