RCEL Mentorship Program

RCEL Mentorship logo 7.23.15-01The RCEL Mentorship Program was implemented in 2015 with the goal of providing Career Path mentorship for RCEL students.  Mentors, many of them Rice engineering alumni, help to shape the academic and professional growth of future engineering leaders.  This is a unique opportunity for students to gain real-world knowledge while still pursuing their degree. 

The RCEL Mentorship Program encourages regular contact between Mentors and students throughout the academic year. Each year begins with a Mentorship Kick-Off event, where mentors and students meet face to face, often for the first time. Moving forward, Mentors/students are encouraged to communicate at least three-to-four times per semester, either via telephone, teleconference or in person.

For more information, contact rcelmentorship@rice.edu

Student Mentorship


Rachel Nguyen
Electrical and Computer Engineering


Charlene Pan

Constantine Tzouanas

Staff Support:
Amanda Prestia

Marketing and Events Specialist
RCEL Mentorship Program Coordinator