Rebecca Lam InternshipInternships provide a critical opportunity for students to practice leadership development, learn about the engineering profession, and build a network of professional mentors.  The Engineering Leadership Certificate requires all students to participate in a qualifying summer internship.  To receive credit for the internship experience, student enroll in ENGI 241– Professional Excellence for Engineers.

ENGI 241 is a structured internship course focused on the practice and acquisition of leadership skills in a “real-world” industrial, academic, or research environment.  The course prepares students to assimilate quickly into their roles, and to exceed employer expectations during their internships.  Successful students complete their internship with an understanding of the vision, mission, strategy and objectives of the organization, and identify how their projects align within the company.

Internships take place at varying companies and locations, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, nationally and internationally.  Students complete periodic assignments, participate in teleconferences, and submit a final report highlighting lessons learned. RCEL ensures that students receive specific leadership experiences, including guided mentorship, meetings/interview sessions with senior company leaders, and a leadership role on a project.