Graduate Resources

Graduate Courses

ENGI 600:  Graduate Communications Seminar
Limited to engineering graduate students who are writing a paper for publication, extended PhD proposal or these (Master’s or PhD). All written work in this highly interactive class will help you complete that journal paper, PhD proposal or thesis, while all oral work will help you explain your research clearly to a wide variety of audiences. Read more here.

ENGI 615: Leadership Coaching for Engineers
Leadership coaching is an emerging field of professional development that focuses on how leaders enhance another person’s ability to achieve their objectives.  Read more here.

SCREECH Graduate Research Pitch Competition

SCREECH is a fast-paced lightning talk competition for graduate research. An opportunity for graduate students to deliver a 90-second snapshot of their research, competing participants highlight the objectives and impact of the diverse graduate research projects being done in Rice University's School of Engineering. The event aims to connect cutting-edge research with a diverse audience to showcase the unconventional wisdom that exemplifies Rice. A panel of judges composed by members of academia and industry select the winners for cash prizes.  Read more about the event and sponsorship opportunities here.




Graduate Committee

The RCEL Graduate Committee is responsible for planning and running the SCREECH Research Pitch Competition.  The Committee gives RCEL a unique insight into the graduate community at Rice and allows RCEL to support graduate students as needed throughout the year.  Contact the Committee here.